Tashkent layout 3 rooms in a sixteen-story building

Among modern housing, a very popular property is a 3-room apartment. Depending on when the building was erected and what series it has, the layout of the apartments depends.

We can say that each apartment is unique; the layout available in it suits some, but not others. Then the question arises about redevelopment of the living space. It is necessary to understand this issue in detail.

Typical 3-room layout

In a typical 3-room apartment, living space is distributed in different ways, and some options are very convenient, while others can cause discomfort.

There is an option with two small and one large room, with one isolated room and two adjacent rooms. There is a so-called “airplane” scheme, when the windows of the rooms face different sides of the house.

Apartments with isolated rooms are considered optimal. In the standard type of apartment with three rooms there is a storage room, which, according to many designers, can be converted into a wardrobe.

If there are children in the family, then it makes sense to distribute the premises as follows: set aside one room for the nursery, leave one for the bedroom, and give the larger one to the living room. Many 3-room apartments have a separate bathroom, they are located as far as possible from the stairs and elevator, the area ranges from 56 to 80 sq. m. m.

“B-40” Ready-made project for a turnkey one-story brick house with three bedrooms

S=192 sq.m.

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8900 rub.

Project characteristics:

  • Foundations - reinforced monolithic strip foundations, laying depth 1200 mm;
  • Walls - expanded clay concrete block, insulation, facing brick 120 mm;
  • The ceilings are wooden beams.

A successful project for a residential brick house with an attached one-story garage. The project provides for a wooden attic floor with the prospect of organizing a living space. The living attic room is located above the bedroom.

The project was implemented in 2012 in the Belgorod region. If the customer wishes, this project can be reworked in terms of organizing a full-fledged attic floor with roof windows, or into a simple one-story house with a non-residential attic space, which can be used for household purposes. The area of ​​the house does not exceed 200 sq.m.

Windows are the eyes of the house. And it is necessary to choose them, taking into account not only and not so much the beauty and compatibility with other elements of the facade, but the sufficiency of natural lighting of the premises during the day, the location of the windows to the cardinal directions and the size of the premises themselves. Nowadays, choosing the design of windows and the material from which they will be made is not difficult. These can be classic wooden, metal-plastic and wooden, made using the same technology as plastic windows. Multi-chamber double-glazed windows provide a high level of noise and heat insulation. Installing mosquito nets will protect you from flying insects, and the ability to install climate control will ensure a flow of fresh air and maintain the desired temperature.

The front door should ensure the inaccessibility of the home from the entry of unwanted guests. The modern market offers metal doors of various designs and thicknesses, up to armored doors with a multi-level protection system.

Interior doors are made from various types of wood, plastic, glass and all possible combinations of these materials. Their finishing is also very diverse: from valuable wood veneers to multi-colored plastic and stained glass.

The interior decoration of the walls and ceilings of a brick house depends on the flight of fancy of the master and the customer and on the financial capabilities of the latter. And there are plenty of materials for this. This can be simply painting, wallpapering, photo wallpaper, textiles and even frescoes. This can be finishing with liquid wallpaper, textured plasters, different types of wall panels - from plastic to wood, tiles, natural or artificial stone. A combination of the listed materials is also possible.

Changes, if necessary, are possible at your request.

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The cost of building a turnkey house is indicative, based on the average price range of building materials and work on building a house in the current year. To accurately calculate the cost of a house, it is necessary to prepare a detailed estimate containing information on the cost of building materials used in the project and construction and installation work. Preparation of detailed estimates for 5-8 tr. (depending on the area of ​​the house). When concluding a contract for the construction of a house in the Belgorod region, the project is provided free of charge.


"Stalin buildings" were built in the early 50s. The layout of brick houses of this type demonstrated perhaps the best housing in the Union.

High ceilings reaching three meters, isolated rooms with a convenient location, and a separate bathroom are evidence of the thoughtfulness of the living space.

Ordinary citizens and nomenclature workers could live in the apartments, and the layout of the premises for the latter was characterized by increased comfort. The interior decoration of civil servants' apartments boasted a spacious hall and arched openings; the houses had quarters for servants.


“Khrushchev buildings” were built from the late 50s to the mid-80s (taking into account modifications and the appearance of new modifications). Early versions of the houses did not have a very good arrangement of rooms, the thickness of the panel walls did not provide high-quality thermal insulation, the ceilings were low, and the bathroom was combined. The kitchen, as a rule, was a small area.

Since about 1970, large-scale construction of 9-story buildings made of brick or panels began. The ceilings in the new apartments were located at a level of 2.64 m, and the internal partitions did not bear the overall load. That is why in such houses the redevelopment of a 3-room apartment was common.

Rework by series

These options represent certain types that exist and belong to different mass series . Some were built during the Soviet Union, others are modern, built recently. They differ in the following points:

  • architectural appearance;
  • construction in different years;
  • construction technologies - brick, block, panel, etc.;
  • living area and dimensions;
  • many other criteria.

Series "P-3"

The layout of apartments in this segment consists of 4 or 8 ordinary corner sections.

These can be either one-room or four-room apartments.

Their ceiling height is 2.64 meters .

Typically, elevators are constructed (at least two, one of which is intended for freight transportation) and an attic space is available .

The outer wall consists of three-layer panels with 350 millimeters , the inner ones are 140 and 180 , respectively. Each of the partitions is even thinner - 80 . Each floor was equipped with a garbage chute. In case of redevelopment, anyone can tear down the thinnest walls in the house.

  1. Redevelopment of a 3-room apartment of the P 3 series - an opening in the load-bearing wall and waterproofing of the bathroom floors.
  2. P 3 redevelopment of a 3-room apartment in the kitchen and hallway.
  3. P 3 redevelopment of a 3-room apartment - enlargement of the bathroom.
  4. Project for redevelopment of an apartment in the P-3 series with dismantling and installation of plumbing fixtures, combining a bathroom and a toilet.

Next, watch in the video the features of the redevelopment of a 3-room apartment in a house of the P-3 series, as well as options for re-registration of housing.

Series "P 44"

Three-room apartments here consist of 4 and 2 corner sections. Houses of this type usually have seventeen floors. The outer wall is 300 millimeters and three layers of panels. Load-bearing walls between rooms are 80 mm .

If you need a redevelopment of a 3-room apartment of series n 44, then you can demolish the walls that are located between the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The ceilings here are standard - 2.64 meters . Ventilation ducts are built in only in the kitchen and bathroom.

Redevelopment options for three-room apartments P 44:

  • redevelopment of a 3-room apartment of series n 44;
  • combination of a three-room and one-room apartment of the P-44 series;
  • three-room apartment P-44 before and after plans;
  • an example of a project for redevelopment of a three-ruble note in a house of the P-44 series;
  • redevelopment of a three-room apartment P44 with injection of a platform joint.

Watch the video for redevelopment options for a three-room apartment in the popular P-44 series house:

Series "121"

Panel-type houses and three-room apartments of this series have only 9 floors . The outer wall of the house is expanded clay concrete - 340 mm .

All internal ones are made of reinforced concrete material and are 180 millimeters . There are the thinnest partitions , which have a thickness of 80 and larger ones - 140 mm .

If you start redevelopment, then you can only demolish less thick walls. Ceiling height is standard 2.64 meters .

Redevelopment options for a 3-room apartment in a panel house:

  1. Redevelopment of a three-room apartment of series 121.

See also the video - redevelopment of a 3-room apartment in a panel house of 60 sq. m. series 121:

Series "P 44 T"

The cladding of the house has the appearance of brick. The house itself is built on the basis of panels . The ceilings here are of a higher type and are about 2.75 meters .

Since the house is tall and can have many floors (11, 15, etc.), there are two elevators, one of which is freight. The outer wall is made of reinforced concrete ( 300 mm ), and the load-bearing walls ( 180 mm ) are made of reinforced concrete panels.

If you want to redevelop, you can demolish the partitions between the balcony and the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Let's consider options for redevelopment of a 3-room apartment P44T:

  • p 44T – redevelopment, 3-room apartment;
  • example of redevelopment of three-room apartments P44T;
  • redevelopment project for a three-room apartment in P44T;
  • redevelopment project for a P-44T series house.

Series "137"

These old houses were built back in the 1970s. They have a large area, the width of the rooms is no less than 3.5 meters .

Large bathroom - all adjacent bathrooms can be combined if necessary. Also, the ceiling height is about 2.7 meters , there are two elevators, one of which transports goods.

The external walls are made of lightweight expanded clay concrete panels.

Everything internal can be demolished, except for a few load-bearing walls between the main three rooms.

Options for redevelopment of a three-room apartment of series 137:

  1. Redevelopment of a three-room apartment in a panel house of series 137.

Series "90"

This type of house is designed so that the total living area of ​​the apartment is 64 square meters . Redevelopment of a three-room apartment in a 90 series panel house is very difficult. It is allowed to combine only a bathroom with a toilet.

You can knock down the pantry walls to make the kitchen larger. Also, between the kitchen room and the main hall, you can demolish half the wall to create a modern kitchen-studio.

For panel-type houses, it is advisable to install arches so that they support the entire structure of three-layer panels with standard ceilings.

Nuances of the layout of a three-room apartment

There may be several types of layout. Studio apartments are open. They can be obtained by remodeling, removing internal partitions and creating more space. Then it is divided into corresponding zones, which have their own design. A closed layout means that all rooms are isolated; they will be separated from the corridor by a door.

A partially closed type of layout is a tandem of an open space, for example, a living room and a closed one with isolated rooms. They are connected by a small hall.

With an adjacent layout, one of the rooms has access to the corridor, the others are connected to it using doors or the passage is left free. Finally, the combination of adjacent and isolated rooms gives a mixed layout.

Separately, it is worth highlighting a serious architectural problem of modern construction. We are talking about the need to “fit” the layout of the premises into the sometimes overly sophisticated exterior design of buildings.

For example, in the photo of the layout of 3-room apartments, the non-optimal arrangement of housing catches the eye, when obtuse or sharp corners interfere with the installation of furniture, curved walls make it difficult to play with them in the interior.

Choosing housing: how to evaluate the layout

Having decided to purchase a 3-room apartment, you need to find out what criteria exist for assessing the acquired area. Firstly, you should focus on the layout, for which you should take into account the total area, how the rooms are located, the shape and size of the kitchen.

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It is also important to know the number of windows in the apartment. Another important point will be the presence or absence of a balcony (loggia), their number and size.

It is necessary to consider which rooms are insulated, which walls bear the load, what is the thickness of the wall panel, reinforced concrete structure or brickwork and the height of the ceilings.

In addition, an important factor is the distance from the apartment to the elevator (if available), stairs and garbage chute. It is also worth calculating the ratio of total and living space, and inquiring about the infrastructure in the area.

Layout in a panel house

In panel houses, we can often observe rooms in a 3-room apartment that are extremely disproportionate in size. Usually there is the largest room here - 16-20 meters, and two small ones, 12, 10 meters each, or even less.

In principle, this area is enough to place a children’s room in the largest room, a living room in the middle one, and a bedroom for the parents in the smallest one. But there may be other accommodation options. It will be lucky if all the rooms in the apartment are separate and not adjacent.

Photo of the layout of a 3-room apartment



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