Red curtains - rules for use in interior design, modern solutions and optimal combinations of red (70 photos)

Decorating a window with a red curtain in the living room will add zest to the interior of the room, but will not give the room either a feminine or masculine atmosphere, since the color is neutral to human psychology. The scarlet tone will give a charge of vigor, raise vitality, and improve your mood. However, according to psychologists, shades of scarlet in the interior can cause attacks of rage in active and excitable people, provoke increased blood pressure, and increase the feeling of stuffiness. Therefore, the choice of such a bright and catchy element must be approached carefully.

Interesting solution

Original design

Curtains with lambrequin

Fabric rolls with a pattern on a red base

Transparent curtains

Basic rules for combining curtains according to the color of wallpaper and furniture

It is quite difficult for an ordinary person to understand the huge selection of modern textiles, while taking into account all the nuances in its interaction with furniture and walls.

Properly selected curtains will make the interior more complete

To choose the right color, texture, and pattern of curtains, there are the following rules:

  1. The choice of textiles is perhaps the most important stage in decorating a room. Most often, it is fabrics that form the palette and set the mood. Curtain combinations can be built on contrasts or different shades of the same color.
  2. When creating an interior, it is very important to try on fabric directly in the room. This is necessary in order to ensure the perfect combination of curtains with wallpaper and furniture in different lighting conditions. Lighting plays a very important role in creating the right effect and unified composition of the room design.
  3. Modern manufacturers create special collections with an ideal selection of curtains, upholstery fabrics, textiles with prints for pillows and delicate tulles. These options make it much easier to find curtains for the living room.
  4. Playing with patterns requires caution: using a floral print on curtains, you can repeat it in a larger version for decorating pillows, and textiles with a voluminous floral pattern are suitable for a sofa.
  5. When using different shades of the same color in textiles, they should be varied with discreet ornaments. To prevent the overall picture from looking boring, you can use different textures. Such options perfectly complement tiebacks, borders, edgings, and other decorative elements. Curtains and walls of similar shades visually increase the space.
  6. To tie curtains and furniture upholstery in contrasting colors, use pillows and decorative elements to match. You can use many pillows that differ in color, fabric texture, and pattern sizes (similar to interior textiles).
  7. A geometric pattern, ornament, pattern or classic monogram is determined by the style of the interior. The more modern the direction of the interior, the more stylized the drawing.

Texture and fabric of red curtains

An important factor when making red curtains is the fabric used. The appearance of the product will depend on whether it is synthetic or natural material.

Linen, cotton, surja

These natural fabrics are best suited for ecological and ethnic interiors. They will decorate the marine style, ethno-style, rustic, Swiss chalet and Provence.


Soft, maximally transparent material forms soft folds and folds. It provides the room with lightness and allows a large amount of daylight into it.


This fabric is as similar as possible to tulle, but its thread weave is more rigid.

As a result, organza forms voluminous structures near the window, giving the entire space an airy feel.

Jacquard and velvet

Both of these fabrics are well suited for classic interiors. They are heavy and saggy, especially velvet. Therefore, massive structures are made from them, including lambrequins.

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Options for combining curtain tones for the living room

It is difficult to imagine a cozy and warm living room without curtains. After all, they are the ones who make the image of the room individual, stylish, and complete. Fabrics that are consistent in texture, color and in the same style, used simultaneously in furniture upholstery, pillows, curtains and wall panels, make the interior individual and bright.

It’s quite difficult to understand the colorful variety of drapes, curtains and curtains.

Bright hues

One of the most popular shades of white in tandem with bright decorative elements are considered to be harmoniously combined with the upholstery and walls. An excellent addition to a living room with light wallpaper will be monograms on dark and bright curtains.

Light curtains with monograms in the living room with a dark ceiling

An interior in beige tones can be boldly diluted with large natural ornaments in curtains and pillows. The sand color scheme in furniture is simply ideal with such textiles. You should choose bright or dark curtains for furniture and wallpaper in light shades. Light grey, lavender, pistachio or powdery shades will create a deep, calm interior.

A harmonious combination of light Roman blinds with straight curtains and a rigid lambrequin

Bright colors

Many people are intimidated by bright colors. This should be taken into account, since a crimson wall or flashy patterns can simply become boring or even irritating. Before choosing a bright finish, you need to take into account the layout of the room, lighting, size, ceiling height, size and shape of door and window openings.

Contrasting combination of bright yellow curtains with an interior in pastel colors

It is very important to rely on volume when decorating. A small, boring, featureless room can become interesting and lively only with the addition of accent elements that create a dynamic space.

When choosing bright colors, it is important to consider their interaction with each other. When playing with color, you need to think about the texture and patterns on the fabrics. For example, if the main part of the living room is decorated with prints or complex patterns, then it is better to repeat them only in small additional decorative elements.

Curtains with bright patterns will add freshness and variety to the living room interior

When choosing a bright design for curtains, it is possible to repeat it in furniture upholstery, but in this case the set should be designed in soothing colors in a laconic combination with wallpaper.

Dark colors

Best used in large, spacious and bright rooms. If there is light wallpaper and dark furniture in the living room, which curtains will look more attractive? Blue in the interior relaxes and makes the room cooler. Shades of yellow and beige will help soften this situation.

Blue curtains in a Mediterranean style living room

Green is a classic choice for a living room and is relaxing and calming. Its combination with a white, beige and light set is a win-win option. The main thing is not to overdo it with dark colors, otherwise the room will look gloomy and gloomy.

Combination of shades of green in the living room interior

And others

If a bright geometric print is chosen for furniture upholstery, then it is better to choose curtains in calm shades, without a pattern. The wallpaper in this version can be the same color as the upholstered furniture, but without an active pattern.

Black and white curtains will add austerity to your interior

Monochrome interiors are elegant and sophisticated, even if oversaturated with details and creativity. They are always strict and tasteful.

Gray curtains in a monochromatic interior of a modern living room

French curtains

Red canvases with gathered wavy stitches can be in length from floor to ceiling, or cover only the window opening.

They are suitable exclusively for classic, art deco, art nouveau, baroque and traditional English interiors.

Curtains to match the style of the room and the color of the wallpaper with the furniture

Let's figure out how to choose curtains for the living room according to the color of the wallpaper and furniture. When choosing textiles, you should also take into account the stylistic direction of the room design. The nature of the interior style also affects the color of the curtains.

The design of curtains is primarily determined by the overall style of the room.


Classic prefers calm beige shades. Manufacturers provide a wide selection of wallpapers and fabrics that will bring freshness and a new perception to the interior. A geometric pattern will make the room sunnier and more dynamic. A check or strip of various shades will add style, rigor, and aristocracy.

Spectacular window decoration with double curtains and a lambrequin in a classic-style living room

Curtains for golden wallpaper in the living room photo:

These blue curtains are matched to the overall background of vinyl wallpaper with a golden print.


Art Nouveau repeats elements of nature: interesting patterns of simple lines, which leads to asymmetry and curvilinearity of the composition. Colors should create a pleasant picture and complement each other.

Curtains for a living room in Art Nouveau style can be of a wide variety of designs.

Curtains made of dense fabrics are used: velvet or satin. Primary colors: beige, yellow, gold, blue, green and purple. In the living room, you can use strict lines in the patterns of dark curtains. Also, the design may contain specific and catchy details.

And others

Minimalism operates with the classic triad: black, red, white. Victorian style is characterized by heavy wine and burgundy shades. Lilac flowers are suitable for eco style. Neutrality of tone, lack of pattern, contrasting options are inherent in modern styles.

Light tulle curtains will fit perfectly into a modern interior.

Light green curtains go well with wood trim

Asymmetrical window treatments in a Victorian living room

In a Scandinavian interior, you can do without curtains or hang light translucent curtains

In the kitchen

The kitchen loves bright colors - you can experiment with them as you like, meanwhile listening to the opinion of experts on this matter and not forgetting about precautions.

An interesting fact is that red curtains in the kitchen interior can affect appetite.

It is not surprising, but red helps improve appetite, which is unlikely to please people who want to lose excess weight. Anyone who, on the contrary, wants to gain weight can be advised to safely hang red curtains in the kitchen.

The photo shows how harmoniously light kitchen furniture looks with red roller blinds or Roman curtains. A noticeable contrast is created by bright curtains in a room made in black tones.

We take into account the design of furniture and wallpaper

In the design of a living room with light walls, the set can be selected from natural wood or dark shades, in modern styles even black. Wallpaper with dark monograms will also go well with natural wood, veneered from expensive species.

Dark plain curtains in the interior of a spacious hall with beautiful monograms on the wallpaper

Contrasting colors in wallpaper and straight, strict lines without decoration with metal and glass elements in furniture distinguish modern trends.

Contrasting curtains in a high-tech living room

If the interior elements are designed in pastel colors, bright pillows of similar intensity, as well as a blanket in a rich shade, will help to revive it. The curtains in this composition support a pastel palette.

All the colors on these curtains are reflected in the decorative pillows on the sofa.

Tips for brightly decorating curtains in the living room

By choosing 2-3 different sets of textiles as per Feng Shui (each season has its own color palette), you can change the mood of the interior several times a year: New Year, spring, autumn and summer.

If desired, curtains can be combined by selecting your favorite combinations of colors and shades

If the living room is oversaturated with a variety of colors and the question arises of how to choose curtains for the interior, you should pay attention to the largest piece of furniture - this will be the solution.

Translucent brown curtains in a bright pop art style living room

Red curtains are rarely used, most often in combination with a set of natural wood. This noble color will highlight the luxury of the living room.

Red curtains go well with a white interior in a classic style

There are no strict rules for choosing curtains for the living room. There are only tips on choosing textiles for a harmonious combination with the overall interior. Which should not only be stylish and fashionable, but also please the owners and correspond to their tastes and individual preferences.

Types of features of red curtains

Before implementing any option for curtains, you need to understand all their diversity. Each type will suit a specific style decision, which is also worth thinking through in advance.

Photos of interesting ideas for decorating curtains to match the color of furniture and wallpaper in the living room

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