Burgundy curtains - features of choice and application options in interior design (90 photos + video)

Types of material

Using genuine leather to create sofas is a rather expensive process. Therefore, such models cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford them.

A red leather sofa is a real decoration for any room. Eco-leather is considered the best option if you want to see a leather-style sofa in your home.

Being an analogue, this option is much cheaper than the previous one. The leather substitute has the least wear resistance and is also completely non-breathable.


It’s not difficult to go overboard with burgundy color. The room should become chic and fashionable, and not put pressure on the psyche. That is why there is no need to simultaneously decorate several rooms using this palette as a basis.

After all, it is important for the eyes to rest, and not constantly enjoy monotonous splendor.

Variety of designs

The most popular is the straight type of sofa in red shades. Most often it is used in modern styles. Sofas upholstered in velvet or just thick fabric look best. Such models are not only practical, but also create a certain comfort in the room.

This is especially important for creating bedrooms or living rooms. Corner models can fit perfectly into kitchen spaces. This design allows you to use a corner in the room and make it more functional.

The red corner sofa looks great in both large and small rooms. It is best for kitchens to purchase models upholstered in eco-leather, as it is easier to care for.

Modular sofas are also gaining popularity today. Such structures are distinguished by the fact that they have several independent elements that can be moved if necessary.

Features of using burgundy color in the interior

Burgundy is the richest and darkest shade of red. It can be seen by looking at a ripe cherry or a glass of red wine from the French province, from which this color got its name. The respectable and majestic wine shade has been the color of royalty since ancient times. In the photo below you can see how impressive burgundy curtains look in the living room interior.


The advantages of this expressive color include:

  1. Positive effect on the nervous system, the ability to induce joy;
  2. A great combination with both warm and cool tones.

Advice! The larger the size of the curtains, the more chic and luxury the look will have.

Burgundy is a rich and dark shade of red that fits perfectly in a living room.


The disadvantages of wine color include:

  1. Its excess in one room can create a defiant and even vulgar atmosphere;
  2. Can cause restlessness and anxiety in melancholic people.

Burgundy curtains are ideal for living rooms in a classic style

Fabric sofa models

When choosing fabrics you need to be as careful as possible, since today a huge number of models have been created, from which it can be quite difficult to make the right choice.

This sofa will be durable and long lasting. Velor models are used much less frequently, as they contain synthetic fibers. Flock fabric, pleasant to the touch, allows you to create truly unusual sofa models.

Velvet models today are considered an important interior item. Many designers try to decorate a room with just such models.

The red sofa in the interior, covered with matting, is great for creating modern styles that involve the presence of natural materials. Matting is a pleasant material consisting of linen and cotton thread.

Color combinations

Burgundy curtains in the bedroom look harmonious with accessories and furniture in gold and silver colors. These shades will fit perfectly into the design of curtains as patterns. This combination looks presentable and is suitable for classicism style.

White color will calm the aggressiveness of burgundy curtains in the interior. This contrast looks quite harmonious.

As for the gray color, it, in combination with burgundy, will add rigor and conservatism to the room. Perfect for office or living room design.

Sometimes burgundy is combined with olive color. It tires some people, but in the interior it looks pleasant and calm.

Burgundy color is very diverse. In its different interpretations in the interior it can cause admiration or strong hostility.

Many shades expand the possibilities of using burgundy curtains in the interior. The color is universal, and many will consider its aggressiveness a great advantage.

Types of mechanical layout

Sofas can differ not only in color, but also in how they fold out. Based on this, you can choose exactly the model that will be beneficial for your living space and on which it will be more pleasant for you to sleep and sit.

The book sofa is the most common type of furniture. When you lift the seat, you can easily unfold the furniture, turning it into a full-fledged sleeping place.

The use of the euro book is developing and increasing every year. Such models can withstand heavy loads, which is their significant advantage.

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A layout model such as an accordion resembles a regular folding bed, but at the same time such a sofa is much more convenient and comfortable during use.

Bordeaux in the bedroom

In the interior of a bedroom, burgundy curtains are a non-standard, but very effective solution. If you correctly combine light wallpaper, soft pink curtains and burgundy curtains, then in the bedroom this will have a beneficial effect on sound sleep. You can create coziness by decorating the room with figurines, fittings and lighting. You can also duplicate colors: for example, a blanket and pillows match the color of the curtains, and everything else is light or a different color. A large selection of models allows you to choose curtains according to your taste, style, decor, color variations, i.e. easy to adjust to your taste. Bordeaux sets the mood of aristocracy, wealth and celebration, so if your apartment style does not match this, then it is better to immediately abandon this color of curtains.

Which sofa color to choose

Today there is a huge variety of red sofas that, when combined with other colors, create truly unique models. For example, a black and red sofa is universal.

  • Firstly, it is practical, and the black color goes well with red, creating an excellent model for the living room or kitchen.
  • Depending on the chosen material, you can purchase exactly the furniture that will be more suitable in this case.
  • Secondly, such a model will always be in fashion, since today many modern styles involve dark shades.

Red color is universal; it also goes well with white. A red and white sofa creates an airier and lighter atmosphere in the room. This option will look best in styles such as modern or high-tech.

Features and meaning

An intelligent combination of shades of red and brown gives an expressive and active color that inclines the beholder to depth and reflection.

Most often, the color burgundy is associated with successful and business people. It is a symbol of strength and endurance, power, wealth with a slight conservative inclination. Take a look at the photo of burgundy curtains: you can immediately feel confidence in the interior.

Typically, fans of burgundy are people with creative inclinations. Often theaters are decorated with wine color.

In addition, experts say that burgundy color promotes the development of determination, confidence, managerial skills and perseverance.

Shades of burgundy are ruby, carmine, cherry, lingonberry, wine, marsala, burgundy, sangria and burgundy.

Style selection

Depending on the style of your living space, you need to choose a red sofa.

If you decide to create a room in a minimalist style, then such bright furniture will become a creative, original decoration in the room.

In country style, such a sofa can be combined with beautiful carpets. What makes the Chesterfield style unique is that you can choose diamond stitch patterns.

Coziness in the kitchen with a burgundy mood

Burgundy curtains for the kitchen should be laconic and neat. A great option for small rooms is to place Roman or roller blinds in the window opening. To give a more solemn mood, you can additionally hang white and cream tulle on the eyelets. An original combination of burgundy and pink tones will create a joyful and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

If the decoration of the walls of the room is monochromatic, then light curtains with a medium-sized burgundy pattern or ornament will look impressive.

When creating the interior of any room, you should use a rich burgundy color with caution. To prevent the shade from creating a depressing impression, it is advisable to complement the decor with small interior details of the same color scheme (sofa cushions, lamp shades). The key to a harmonious interior will be the use of colors that are most compatible with luxurious burgundy.

Curtains for the living room

The calling card of any home is the living room or hall. These rooms are convenient for receiving guests and holding celebrations for the whole family.

If the room has large windows and ceilings, light curtains of the same tone with massive lambrequins and curtains are suitable. Together with all the details of the room’s interior, a single whole design solution is formed.

When choosing burgundy-colored wallpaper, it is better to apply it to one wall to avoid going overboard with the color.

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For the living room, dark, purple heavy curtains with a beige or cream-colored curtain are suitable. You can also choose tulle with a translucent texture to highlight their beauty.

Curtains with a pattern are selected if the design has a minimum number of small details. As a result, beige, cream, and golden colors, which form a pastel range of tones, go well with burgundy.

It is most advantageous to combine the color of curtains in red and burgundy tones with silver or gold. Such shades, being cold and warm, are used to create great designs.

Sometimes, to give the curtains a rich color, monograms, fringes, cords and garters in golden shades are used.

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