Purple curtains - combination ideas and real examples of purple in interior design (110 photos)

Features of purple color

Most lilac varieties are light purple in color.

It is a mixture of different tones: white, red and blue.

Impact on a person’s mental state

Dark shades of lilac have a beneficial effect on mental activity.

Light colors help to cope with depressed mood and relax. It is believed that a room with pale purple design elements is good for meditation.


Lavender sofa

Will decorate almost any interior. In a modern living room, this could be a massive sofa with straight shapes and dark lavender upholstery; the interior will be complemented by several details of a similar shade. A model with smooth shapes and light upholstery with a floral pattern or stripes will look better with a classic or Provence style. The picture will be complemented by several decorative pillows.


A tall soft headboard in a beautiful lavender shade will look especially chic; metal studs, rhinestones or buttons can be used as decor. Another, simpler way to add lavender notes to your bedroom is with pastels or a bedspread. The beauty of textile decor is that it is not difficult to change it to a different shade, thereby changing the appearance of the room.


A wooden vintage cabinet painted in lavender tone will take pride of place in any room and become a separate object of attention. A more modern model can be considered an ordinary wardrobe or wardrobe, the doors of which are decorated with mirrors, decorative moldings or film with a photographic image.

Armchairs and chairs

Armchairs or stools can be combined with other pieces of furniture or become a bright accent in the interior of the room. In the living room, a beautiful velvet chair will look harmonious with a sofa in a restrained beige shade, and chairs in the kitchen or dining room can match the furniture, curtains or dishes.

Shades of lilac

It is important to choose the right shade of curtains for furniture, wallpaper, and bedspreads so that they highlight the advantages of the room and hide its shortcomings.


Dark lilac curtains are good for spacious rooms. They will give the room mysterious and mystical features. However, it is better not to overuse the use of this shade in other interior details.


Light lilac tones of curtains made of light fabric are preferable in small rooms. They give the room lightness and airiness, adding a touch of sophistication and sophistication.

To enhance the effect, you can include in the interior a mirror in a “silver” frame and lamps with the same metal parts and white shades.


Thanks to the pale lilac curtains, the room takes on an ethereal, skyward appearance. This shade promotes relaxation.

Lilac curtains for the dining room and kitchen

In the cooking and eating area, calm, cold tones are preferable. Lilac curtains look good in the kitchen in an ensemble with white. If we talk about the style, this is:

  • strict Roman curtains of any shade against the background of dazzling white windows;
  • long muslin curtains in combination with light walls;
  • cafe curtains, repeating the color of the print on the facades of furniture or other decorative elements;
  • light veil with a diagonal tie.

Such options are usually used when choosing accessories for the kitchen with a calm palette.

Harmonious combinations of lilac with other colors

Most colors are combined with purple shades and add variety to the interior.


By combining light brown tones with lilac, a calm, peaceful atmosphere is achieved. It is best to use this combination in the bedroom.


Gray shades go well with the pale light lilac color of the curtains. They create a feeling of tenderness and peace.


The combination of light purple and white tones is considered classic and has a connotation of aristocracy. However, this arrangement of design elements adds some femininity to the decor of the room.


Green shades of the plant world look good in combination with lilac. Gives the surroundings a feeling of naturalness. Do not combine purple and bright emerald green tones, which do not go well together.


The use of pink and lilac colors gives the impression of one color flowing into another. Creates a bright accent that attracts attention. The combination of light purple curtains and voile curtains called “carnival”, in which the color gradually turns into pink, looks beautiful.


To enhance the relaxation effect, light lilac tones of curtains are used, combining them with yellow ones.

Photos in the interior of the rooms

Living room

Purple curtains in the hall can be complemented with other interior items or decor. Light purple curtains will fill the atmosphere with the freshness of summer flowers.


Dark purple velvet curtains will envelop the bedroom in coziness and give a backstage atmosphere. They can be a combination of two shades or have an exquisite pattern.

The photo shows a compact, minimalist bedroom, the main emphasis is on the purple curtain.


A soft purple shade looks great in the kitchen. You can choose short, long curtains or Roman blinds.


Bright colors are the best idea for decorating a child's room. Drawings or photo printing on curtains can support the theme of the room.

In what interior styles are lilac curtains appropriate?

Curtains in purple shades are suitable for any setting. The interior style only affects the choice of the appropriate shade.


For rooms decorated in a modern style, thin and light curtains in a lavender shade are most suitable.


The classic design style involves the use of both light and dark tones of lilac-colored curtains made of dense, heavy material. Gilding, tassels, and fringe are used as decorations.


This style creates an atmosphere of pomp, fairy tale and mystery through the use of ornament, gold, tassels and folds. To complement the effect, it is good to use wall lamps that create subdued light.

High tech

Plain curtains of a deep dark lilac color look good with elements of high-tech style.

Photos of curtains in various styles

Lilac curtains will saturate and enrich the style of the room, as well as make it elegant, beautiful and aesthetic.


Includes a luxurious interior with a sense of proportion. Laconic, uncomplicated curtain options will come in handy more than ever in this style.

The photo shows a living room interior in a modern style with lilac curtains on the window.


More often, for classics, long light or dark curtains made of dense and heavy material are chosen. You can also decorate the curtain with gilding or use decorative elements such as fringe and tassels.


Unreality and fairy tale, ornaments and decorations with the addition of gold on lilac curtains located all over the wall, this is the main highlight of this style. After all, the East is always luxury, mysticism and mystery.

High tech

Plain lilac curtains or light tulle without patterns or other additions are suitable for this style. Both dark and light shades will fit perfectly. The material of the curtains should be harmoniously combined with the surfaces and shapes inherent in this style.

Selecting curtain material

The selection of fabric for curtains determines the fittings and other interior details.

Fabrics for curtains

Curtains are thick curtains made of opaque fabric that completely blocks out sunlight. They may have a lining.

The fundamental role is played by the density of the fabric, not its weight.


This material is completely lightproof. It does not wrinkle and is resistant to fading and washing. Blackout fabric can be used in any interior.


The shiny, flowing material does not accumulate dust and is easy to drape. It tightly closes the window from the sun and is opaque.


This dense fabric has a large pattern and resembles a tapestry. It hardly stretches, is resistant to washing and sunlight. The only drawback is that the curtains need to be cleaned frequently to remove dust, which quickly accumulates due to the textured surface.


Velvet curtains create a feeling of luxury. Soft with mesmerizing shimmer, they give the room a rich look. The disadvantage of velvet curtains is that they need to be cleaned frequently because... the slightest dot will stand out on them.


Linen curtains are quite dense and do not fade from sunlight. The only drawback is that they are difficult to iron.


The matting fabric is strong and durable. Looks good in rooms decorated in country style. In addition, the lilac color goes well with the wood products inherent in this interior.


Flat glossy fabric allows you to create large folds, has a beautiful shine and has hypoallergenic properties. May have patterns.

Fabrics for tulle – voile and organza

These thin fabrics are good for curtains. They drape easily, creating soft folds.

Among other materials, organza has the highest light transmission. This thin and transparent material is good for use in dimly lit rooms.

Voile is a matte translucent fabric that is less rigid than organza. It allows you to create soft folds and waves, but wrinkles easily.


This original material consists of threads or stripes falling like rain. Such curtains freely allow air, heat and light to pass through. Dust does not collect on them. The only drawback is that they get tangled when washed or in strong winds.

Kisey curtains look fashionable and unusual. They can be decorated with beads and match lilac wallpaper.

The right combination of purple textiles

Purple curtains in the interior require a special approach. To get the desired result, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • such textiles look quite stylish if there is white color in the space of the room;
  • the purple color of the curtains can be combined with pink shades, the result is a delicate design suitable for delicate natures;
  • A good combination is created by gray and lilac. This contrast is often used in Art Nouveau style. The room creates a rather luxurious atmosphere;
  • You can use an unusual combination of light green and purple. The juicy palette is suitable for impulsive people leading an active lifestyle.

Types of lilac curtains

The type of curtains is selected depending on the overall design of the room and its style. Well-chosen curtains can transform a room and create the right impression. .


Thread curtains are made from muslin. They create the impression of airiness and lightness. They can be used to decorate an opening or be used as a canopy over a bed.


Roman blinds are attached directly to the window frame and raised using an installed mechanism. Thanks to the sewn-in inserts, they fold beautifully.


These curtains, unlike Roman curtains, do not drape during the lifting process, but are rolled up. This option allows you to adjust the lighting. These curtains are suitable for the office, kitchen, balcony.


Light, transparent tulle can be combined well with thick curtains. However, where there is no need to create darkness from time to time, light curtains are sufficient.


Vertical or horizontal blinds protect the room well from sunlight. Their lilac color will decorate the room.

Photo curtains

Photo printing on curtains visually expands the room. The latest imaging methods allow you to obtain high-quality, three-dimensional drawings.

Double curtains

They consist of 2 panels that are not connected to each other. The combination of different textures and shades creates a unique, unique decor.



Purple plain curtains are a universal solution for any interior. A straight cut will visually elongate the room. Original tailoring will decorate the bedroom and classic living room.

Striped (horizontal or vertical)

The strip visually adjusts the space. Depending on the direction of the stripes, you can increase the height of the ceilings or expand the room.

With a pattern or ornament

The pattern can match the design of other interior details and support the overall theme of the room.

With an image

Various drawings reflect the style of the interior. The image of flowers on curtains in a deep purple shade will add zest to the interior. Delicate purple flowers on a light veil will look beautiful in the light.

Photo curtains

Modern technologies allow you to apply any print to fabric. This option will stylishly fit into the design of a child’s room, and will become the main accent in the living room or bedroom.

Options for the size of curtains in lilac shades

There are no strict rules regarding the length of curtains. The size of the curtains is determined by the overall design of the room and the tastes of its owner.


Most often, curtains up to the window sill or slightly lower are used for the kitchen or nursery. Short curtains are good to use in small rooms on plastic windows.


A fashionable option is beautifully laid out curtains made of light translucent fabric (veil, organza) 20-30 cm longer than the floor level. Such curtains look great, but are not practical, because collect dust, interfere with cleaning and can get caught on.

Curtains that do not reach the floor by 1 cm are considered classic.

Harmonious combination of shades

The pair “curtains - lilac wallpaper” plays out well in a color pair in which:

  1. Colors that differ in intensity within the lilac range. The purple palette looks good in a multi-layered combination and patterns of patterned curtains;
  2. Contrasting colors. For example, watercolor emerald and citrus yellow will add especially expressive notes to the lilac palette;
  3. Same color palette. Tone on tone is considered a successful combination for small rooms where playing with contrasts is not recommended. If this combination is difficult to choose, it is better to purchase curtains a little lighter or darker than the wallpaper;
  4. Shades of beige. This color scheme is used in the classic design of lilac interiors with wooden furniture.

The abundance of patterns overloads the room. Therefore, in the absence of a specific stylistic idea, it is recommended to stick to the option in which the pattern is either on the walls or on the curtains.

Design ideas and patterns for curtains

Using patterns on curtains can help in deciding how to decorate a room, creating the right impression.


They enliven a monochromatic interior, attract attention and make it possible to use different colors in accordance with the palette of stripes.


Combines with any decorative materials: wood, metal, glass. The checkered pattern on curtains suits all styles.


Gives the appearance of the room dynamics, swiftness and energy.


An ornament of small flowers looks good in small spaces. Combined with a length just below the window sill, this is an excellent option for a small kitchen or nursery.

Large flowers on the curtains will decorate a large room.


This is the effect of a smooth flow of one shade into another. It creates an interesting visual effect: it adds lightness and elegance to the room. The combination of light curtains with an ombre effect and curtains with a large floral pattern looks harmonious.


The combination of 2 colors will help to visually connect the interior elements into a single composition. In addition, using different shades of purple will improve your mood.

Ethnic styles combined with purple curtains

Purple color combines amazingly with other shades. A style such as Provence requires light and airy fabrics, which can be made in colors such as lilac.

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But if we talk about a more serious and deep style, which includes colonial, then in this case the use of rich shades, for example, such as indigo, may be suitable.

Options for combining different types of lilac curtains

A skillfully selected combination of different types of curtains makes the interior brighter and more expressive, creating an individual style for the room.

Tulle and curtain

The classic combination of light lilac curtains and curtains made of light tulle in white, milky or cream color will create the impression of luxury and aristocracy.

You can decorate the window with thick curtains and light tulle in the same color scheme.


A combination of 2-color curtains with curtains in one of these tones looks good.

Curtains look beautiful and unusual when one part is monochromatic, and the other is colorful, connected to it by separate elements.

Combination of different lengths

Advantages of using curtains of different lengths:

  • original style;
  • the ability to hide shortcomings and highlight the advantages of the room;
  • visual correction of a wide and low window;
  • creating a feeling of spaciousness in a narrow room;
  • correction of loggia proportions.


Lambrequins are transverse drapery that decorates the top of the window. This technique helps to visually make the ceiling higher.

Style selection


Lavender color and Provence style are almost inseparable concepts. The lilac-violet hue is immediately associated with endless fields of lavender, which impress with their spaciousness and natural beauty. The best combination in a Provence interior would be white furniture, with a slight touch of noble antiquity, and neat lavender-colored details; this could be both interior decoration and decorative elements.


The classic style is discreet, elegant and not pretentious. The details are smooth, the palette is calm, and the interior is not overloaded with unnecessary decor and artificial materials. Lavender color will be appropriate in light, pastel and ash colors. It can be used as a background color or as a filling, such as furniture upholstery or textile parts.

Modern style

Modern design allows you to be bolder when decorating your home. Colors can be brighter and shapes asymmetrical. Decorating the room will not be boring, for example, using photo wallpaper, brightly colored elements or a multi-colored ceiling and floor. The usual white canvas can be replaced by a suspended or suspended ceiling in a lilac shade, and the room will immediately change its image.

The photo shows a bright living room in lavender color. The accent wall is painted in geometric patterns of different colors.


Warm rustic style will transform a city apartment into an island of comfort, where you can enjoy the details of rural life. The colors are light, the furniture is made from natural materials, the design is completed by throws, pillows and decorative elements, such as clay jugs and vases in the kitchen or massive candlesticks and a floor chest in the living room.

Curtain decoration options

Various accessories are used to decorate curtains.


These elements support the curtains, which allows you to change the lighting of the room. Thanks to their use, you don’t have to close the curtains; just unfasten the holder.


Clips gather curtains into pleats. They serve to complete the interior design, creating a bright accent.


Tiebacks are decorative elements that support the folds of curtains. It is advisable to use them where there is no need to frequently change the position of the curtains.

Tassels and fringe

Tassels and fringes are used to decorate curtains. These parts are finished with beads, glass beads, etc. They are appropriate in classic and oriental styles, as well as boho and country.



The roller blind mechanism consists of a rotating shaft on which the fabric is wound as it rises. The control has a chain mechanism; the chain itself is located on any convenient side.


A chain runs along the sides of the curtain, which is responsible for raising or lowering the curtains. Rods are attached to the wrong side of the material, evenly dividing the fabric. When closing the curtains, the fragments are folded one under one. A weighting material is sewn into the bottom edge.

Classic curtains

Classic purple curtains have a simple straight cut. They may differ in the method of attachment to the cornice and in decor.

Short curtains

Suitable for decorating a kitchen window, but can also be used in a bathroom or children's room. The cut is chosen to suit the style of the room.


Violet thread curtains have more decorative functions than useful ones. Made from solid fittings or threads. This option is suitable for zoning and decorating a room.

Curtains with lambrequin

A decorative element that is attached to the top of the window opening. Lambrequins come in various shapes and designs, it all depends on the chosen design of the room. For example, a straight strip or a wavy one, consisting of several parts.

Curtains with eyelets

The curtains are attached to the cornice using rings punched at equal distances along the top. The cornice has the shape of a pipe. This type of fastening will always create smooth folds in the shape of a wave.


Airy violet tulle curtains look elegant in any room. In the interior, you can use a simple straight shape or complement it with decorative accessories, such as tiebacks. The resulting folds will shimmer beautifully in the light.


They are a canvas divided vertically into equal segments; a braid is sewn into the division points and is gathered together. As a result, waves are formed along the entire length.

The photo shows a classic-style kitchen-dining room with French curtains.

Selection for interior elements

When choosing curtains, you need to take into account other interior elements.

With wallpaper

Lilac curtains look good with wallpaper of the same color. You can add variety to the interior using patterns, accessories, and different types of fabrics. You can use lilac curtains a little darker or lighter than the wallpaper, but selected from the same color palette.

Also, shades of purple are combined with light yellow, cream, lavender, and pink wallpaper.


Using lilac-colored curtains with light furniture - cream, milky white - you achieve a delicate, sophisticated look for the room. This combination looks good in a nursery setting or in a girl’s bedroom.

Dark furniture and lilac country style curtains look good.

Textiles – bedspread and carpet

Curtains, pillows and bedspreads of the same color make a good impression. Using textiles of a different shade from the same palette, a unique design is created.


Purple is simply ideal in the kitchen interior, especially if you are watching your figure, because it (we repeat) reduces appetite.

Expressive bright shades will echo fashionable kitchen facades. And soft purple curtains will suit classic interiors.

But do not forget that it is undesirable to overdo it with this color. Therefore, if you already have plenty of it in your kitchen, let there be only small purple elements on the curtains.

This is even recommended for small rooms, as large images eat up space.

In such cases, it is better to hang compact Roman blinds. They are convenient and free up access to the windowsill. And light shades of purple will make the window visually more spacious.

Short checkered curtains are suitable for kitchens in country or Provence style. Pay attention to cafe curtains, also appropriate in such interiors.

They can be supplemented with napkins, tablecloths, chair pads and other decor. It is very beautiful when the curtains are in harmony with the chandelier or furniture details - for example, drawer handles or decoupage.

Tip: not every fabric can withstand being in the kitchen. Therefore, when choosing curtains, pay attention to semi-synthetic materials with special impregnations. Linen is considered the most durable natural material.

Recommendations for using lilac curtains in the interior of different rooms and design photos

Lilac curtains need to be combined with the rest of the room furnishings.

In the living room or hall

When decorating a living room, it is allowed to use contrasting, catchy components and rich colors. The use of additional details in gold and silver is encouraged.

In the bedroom

By choosing dark shades of purple, you achieve a luxurious look for the room, not devoid of romanticism.

To achieve a relaxing effect, it is better to use light lilac shades of curtains.

In the kitchen

Most often, kitchens are small, so window curtains are made small and compact. Short curtains with small patterns, checks or stripes look good.

In a spacious kitchen, thread curtains look interesting.

In the children's room

Light lilac curtains in a children's room will create an impression of tenderness. In addition, according to psychologists, all shades of purple have a beneficial effect on the mental development of a child.


If you want to develop your child’s creative abilities, use purple in the nursery’s interior. Warm, feminine tones - lilac, lavender, purple - are suitable for girls, and bluer shades are suitable for boys.

Graceful compositions with a lambrequin, fringe or frills will surely please the little princess.

Idea: fringe, like other accessories, can be present not only on curtains. Complete the color ensemble with your daughter by decorating lampshades, mirrors, bedspreads, and pillows with the same decor. You can do handmade work together, improving thread curtains.

Both boys and girls will be delighted with curtains with pictures. The curtains can depict flowers, your favorite Disney characters, cars, animals - whatever you like.

While long curtains can be unsafe for a baby, roller or Roman blinds will be more difficult to tear off the curtain rod. In addition, you can introduce a daily ritual of raising and lowering them - for example, before and after a nap.

If purple color is recommended for use in a children's room, then adults can safely use it to decorate other rooms of the house. We hope our article has completely convinced you of this!

Popular shades

Choosing the perfect shade of purple for sewing or buying curtains is not difficult. Its most popular colors include:

  • Amethyst. It has a slight admixture of blue and is one of the lightest shades of the range under consideration. Ideal for brightening and visually enlarging rooms.
  • Lavender. Warmer than the previous color. Refers to pastel shades that are recommended to be used to emphasize coziness and comfort.
  • Lilac. A rich color that combines blue and pink shades.
  • Lilac. It is a mixture with a light pink color. An ideal option for spacious rooms where you want to create special comfort and warmth.
  • Purple. A rich color that is suitable for emphasizing the dynamism of the environment.
  • Violet. The dark color of this range will be optimal for offices or halls. The lightened color (slightly diluted with pink) is good for residential premises.
  • Plum. The darkest shade of the colors considered. Helps create a calm, discreet environment.

Texture and texture

The design of purple curtains can be made using different fabrics:

  • Velvet curtains are attractive with their soft texture. Velvet is a royal fabric that requires frequent maintenance.
  • Silk curtains will create a dynamic atmosphere thanks to their iridescent surface. Natural silk, like artificial silk, is very easy to wash and does not fade in the sun.
  • Jacquard curtains are dense. True, this embossed fabric collects a lot of dust.
  • Double-sided blackout curtains are an interesting option. It looks original when its front and back sides are slightly different in shades.

You can decorate any room in the room with purple curtains, regardless of its purpose. Let's consider the nuances.

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