Armchair for the bedroom - tips for choosing, use in interior design and the best new items of the season (70 photos)

How to choose?

First you need to define the selection criteria. Furniture in any room should be useful and not gather dust after being purchased in a corner because it is no longer needed.

The main criteria may be:

  • the price, which depends on various indicators (material of manufacture, manufacturer, presence of additional functions), must be acceptable;
  • the purpose of using this piece of furniture in the room. Having set the right goal, you will understand what functions it should have;
  • combination with the interior of the room: it will complement it or be the main accent in the interior.

Types of chairs for the bedroom

The bedroom is a relaxation area. This means that comfort, rather than appearance, is of primary importance when choosing furniture, although it is also important. The environment should promote relaxation, which ideally includes a calm color palette and diffused lighting.

The design and dimensions of the chair can be very different.

Classic armchair

The classic version is soft upholstery and rather massive shapes. Models of this type are equipped with a special footrest. Some of them fold out and turn into a sleeping place. As a rule, they are quite versatile and, depending on the material and pattern, suit all styles, from classic to high-tech. In addition, they have a fairly high back, thanks to which a person takes a physiologically natural position.

Advice! Convenient models in which you can adjust the position of the backrest.

Rocking chair

This option is widespread. These days, models of this type come in a variety of shapes. They can be either hard or soft, with or without upholstery. Often the design includes storage space for books and magazines.

This type of furniture is preferred by older people or young mothers, who find it convenient to rock a small child in it. In addition, those who suffer from insomnia also respond positively.


This is a popular option for a sleeping room, which is used as an additional resting place. Some models are like couches, while others can be folded down, which is great for smaller rooms.

Important! Furniture with moving parts is less durable. When purchasing, it is recommended to check with the sales consultant how many cycles the folding mechanism is designed for.

Bag chair

In recent years, frameless models, also called bean bags, have been in demand. They are soft and flexible, which allows you to quickly adjust to a person’s figure. In terms of style, they look best in the interior of modern trends, but if you wish, you can choose a model for any interior. The only exception would be, perhaps, the classic style.

Important! Not suitable for older people for whom this model is too low. In addition, there is nothing to lean on in order to stand up.

Armchair chair

Popular in city apartments. Chair - a chair in the bedroom does not take up much space, is comfortable, practical and affordable.

Compared to ordinary chairs, the back and seat are made of soft fabrics. Looks good with boudoir and computer tables, as well as as a separate piece of furniture. Suitable for any room interior.

Depending on the interior design

This piece of furniture should be selected based on the design style of your room. As designers note, if we are talking about a classic style in the interior of a bedroom, then a white chair would be the best option.

Models in the following shades will also look good:

  • brown;
  • beige;
  • delicate pastel colors, close to the gray color scheme.

Original white armchair in an unusual bedroom

Quite often, bedrooms are decorated in vintage style, which is characterized by armchairs:

  • with smooth shapes and lines;
  • upholstered in fabric decorated with floral patterns.

If your relaxation room is decorated in Baroque or classical style, then you should purchase upholstered furniture:

  • pompous;
  • with gilding on wooden elements;
  • threaded.

How to ensure interior integrity

It is extremely important that the chairs fit harmoniously into the created bedroom design, and therefore you should not select chairs with chrome-plated steel elements and sharp, acidic colors for a retro style.

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Just as it is not recommended to use fashionable chair models of unusual shapes and bright colors in a classic interior. All this will disrupt the harmony in the interior design of the bedroom.

Stylish rocking chair


Well suited for modern and high-tech styles. The cover is made of dense fabrics, filled with polystyrene granules.

Disadvantage of the model: it is not suitable for older people, as it is not equipped with armrests that are easy to lean on to get up from the chair. This model is the most budget-friendly of all types of chairs.

Variety of models for your comfort

Small armchairs for the bedroom are good because they take up little space, but they are not suitable for long-term sitting. This is not a problem if you spend little time in the rest room and use this piece of furniture only to fold clothes on it or as an interior item.

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If you like to close yourself off from everyone and sit in a chair with a book, then pay attention to the following models:

  • spacious;
  • folding;
  • slightly swaying.

It is worth noting that such models will be most appreciated:

  • pregnant women who need back support;
  • aged people;
  • people suffering from insomnia - sitting in a slightly rocking chair lulls and relaxes.

When to save space

Another option could be a sleeping chair that folds out completely - during the day you use it for its intended purpose, and at night as a bed. Although, if it is large enough, then you can sleep in it while sitting.

Photo of a folding sleeping chair

Such models are ideal for small spaces where it is important to save every centimeter.

By the way, if your room is small and there is little natural light in it, then experts recommend abandoning dark-colored models.

The optimal solution to visually expand the space would be the following products:

  • with light upholstery;
  • bright pattern.

By the way, such a move will help fill your bedroom with a certain positive atmosphere, providing:

  • comfort;
  • warm;
  • cosiness.


A couch is an attribute of classic furniture. But thanks to modern varieties of models and their sizes, it can be chosen for the interior of any room.

Outwardly it resembles a small sofa. It may consist not only of a soft seat, but also have a back and armrests.

If the couch is planned to be used not only for relaxation, but also for sleeping, the length of the base should be at least 2 m.

Purpose and classification

Most chairs are designed for relaxation at leisure. But there are also special models for sleeping, creating comfortable living conditions for the elderly and disabled. According to the configuration, the following types of chairs are distinguished:

  • traditional: products with soft backs and seats, can be equipped with armrests;
  • fireplace: equipped with high tulip-shaped backs and massive armrests;
  • office and computer: have adjustable seat and backrest;
  • children's: analogue of traditional chairs in compact sizes;
  • frameless: they look like a bag, filled with padding polyester or holofiber;
  • advertisers: models with adjustable backrests that fold out almost horizontally;
  • cocoons and shells: they look like a hemisphere suspended on a high frame;
  • rocking chairs and poengs: products intended for rocking;
  • convertible into beds: convertible into a single bed;
  • double chair and strandmon: chairs with high backs, complemented by footrests;
  • papasan: they look like a hemisphere fixed on a floor stand;
  • lifts: products equipped with an automated backrest and seat, intended for use by the elderly and disabled;
  • sun loungers: models with metal, wooden frames and fabric seat and back;
  • suspended: suspended from load-bearing beams or the ceiling.


Designer models are becoming popular in use. One option is a hanging chair. A wicker chair made of acrylic or plastic, white or light colors in the bedroom will become the main accent of the room.

It is not inferior in comfort and convenience to traditional models, which cannot be said about its cost.

Depending on the type of material

When choosing mini armchairs for the bedroom, pay attention not only to its size, but also to what material it is made of. Fortunately, the number of products of this type presented in specialized stores is really large, and therefore you have the opportunity to purchase exactly what you need and what professional designers recommend paying attention to.

Natural wood

It is extremely important that the product is made from natural materials:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • not emitting harmful fumes;
  • durable and stylish.

Natural wood, which is the highest quality material and also traditional for making furniture, fits these characteristics.

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Naturally, if we are talking about a chair, then we mean the use of wood in manufacturing:

  • frame;
  • armrests;
  • individual design elements.

Beautiful armchair with wooden armrests

Even a small chair, the armrests of which will be made of natural wood, is different:

  • sophistication;
  • attractiveness;
  • excellent functionality.

Wicker models also deserve mention, in the production of which natural, durable, specially treated wicker is used.

Upholstery type

If we talk about upholstery, it is best to use the following materials:

  • fabrics;
  • genuine leather;
  • artificial leather.

Armchairs with leather upholstery

Note. If models upholstered in fabrics can be used in any interior, then upholstered in leather only in those where there are already certain leather inserts - for example, the head of a bed.

When choosing chairs, you can test the quality of the upholstery with your own hands, which will allow you to choose a model with a durable coating.


One of the most expensive types of chairs is a massage chair. The upholstery, made of leather or thick textile, and the presence of many sensors, which are fillers, create a relaxing effect for all muscle groups.

Bulky in volume, it takes up quite a lot of space in the bedroom. It will look ideal in rooms with a large area.

Photo of a chair in the bedroom

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